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Myentertowin.com helps you win!

Who We Are?

Myentertowin.com is the largest and probably the best real-time online sweepstakes/giveaways discovery engine.

Why Myentertowin.com?

Myentertowin.com is the best for online sweepstakes and giveaways fans:

  1. Comprehensive. Myentertowin.com has more than 10,000 active sweepstakes and giveaways every day. It is the biggest online sweepstakes pool based on our investigation. We update those information via third party platforms and our own search engine.
  2. Fresh. Myentertowin.com updates more than 500 fresh sweepstakes in each day. No matter you are looking for a certain type of sweepstakes like instant win sweepstakes or a single sweepstakes, Myentertowin.com is the first place you should think of.
  3. Helpful. Myentertowin.com uses machine learning technology to recommend the best online sweepstakes for each user. Our operation team also selects high quality sweepstakes manually for you. It is the best place for you to win sweepstakes prizes.

Our Business Model

Myentertowin.com earns revenue from 3rd party ads network and sponsorships. Except general cost (web hosting, daily operational cost, research and development cost), we give back most of the rest to our users via Myentertowin.com hosted sweepstakes at myentertowin.com/prizes. We believe "The More You Win. The Better We Are". For 3rd party ads network and sponsorships, we only work with partners with very high quality bar to avoid potential scam and fraud. If you want to learn more about how to make best use of Myentertowin.com, please visit our help center page for more information.

That’s virtually all we can tell about Myentertowin.com! With a long way to go, we hope you could be part of Myentertowin.com winner story.

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Meet Our Team!

Myentertowin.com is dedicated to building the best sweepstakes and giveaways experiences to help people win everything they want.

The Core Leadership
Robert Simmons
Director of Product
Director of Operations
Victor Hans
Technicial Engineer
Nicky Frazier
Technicial Engineer
Carolyn Hall
Director of Marketing
Anthony Dixon
Director of Designer
Vivian Foust
Technicial Engineer
Anna Fisher
Customer Support

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For more questions, feedback or suggestions, please visit our contact us page and do not hesitate to shoot us a message.