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1. How to save to my Email address book?

Make sure the email address you’ve entered on is the very email address you use and remember to add to your address book as we may send winning notifications via email to the winner of the sweepstakes frequently sponsored by and on

2. Who are eligible to enter?

Providing plenty of sweepstakes and giveaways, we are devoted to making the best sweepstakes platform collecting available contests as more as possible. As a sweepstakes collector, what we can do is to mark sweepstakes eligibility according to official rules. In order to know whether you are eligible to enter, please look through the contest page.

As for giveaways sponsored by, you can check the eligibility part of the official rules by visiting the very sweepstakes you want to enter.

3. May I enter as a foreigner?

Most of our site visitors are from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. However, there are sweepstakes that are open to a larger audience. The "Country" category on will help you find the very sweepstakes you can enter as a foreigner while sweepstakes are divided into Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, US, International and Other Countries. Sweeps that you can enter will show up as "International", "Worldwide", "N/A", etc. You can also participate in sweepstakes sponsored by, listed at, most of which are open to worldwide.

4. How do I know if I won?

Apart from numerous sweepstakes and giveaways collected and displayed on, there are some contests sponsored by listed at Therefore, the potential winner(s) is(are) totally selected by the contest sponsor or according to the Official Rules, if there are any. If you are selected as a Potential Prize Winner of sweepstakes sponsored by third parties, you will be contacted directly by the sponsor and/or independent administrator, with a winning notification by mail, email, and/or phone. Or sometimes a prize simply shows up on your doorstep! For winners of sweepstakes sponsored by, you will receive a winning notification via email. Therefore, remember to add our email addresses to your email address book.

5. The sweepstakes page doesn't work!

  • Should you have any questions concerning sweepstakes sponsored by, listed at, please feel free to contact us.
  • As for the linked sites we do not administer, if you are having a technical problem with the page, you had better contact the sponsor for assistance. Or possibly, the problem could be a connection issue between the sponsor's website and your computer. If you run into this sort of problem, your best bet is to refresh the page or use another browser. For further technical assistance, you will need to contact the contest sponsor.

6. The sweepstakes has been removed before expire!

  • Should you have any questions concerning sweepstakes sponsored by, listed at, please feel free to contact us.
  • As for these sweepstakes and giveaways sponsored by third parties, although we have tried our best to only list the available sweepstakes links for your use - with data on this site coming from public resources, we have made and will keep making every effort to review them so as to select and optimize the best sweepstakes and giveaways listed on our site - we cannot guarantee all sweepstakes listed on our site not being closed before their expire as the sponsors can and may remove their contests without notice. The best bet for you is to participate in other giveaways.

7. The prize I received is different from the picture on!

The prize images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the prize. That is, in order to help you find the very sweepstakes you want to enter considering the prizes, we've picked up various prize pictures according to the "Prize" or "Sweepstakes Name/Title" of the sweepstakes official rules. Therefore, the prizes you received may vary from the images on

8. What's the difference between sweepstakes platforms?

During your visit to our site,, you may notice that there are one Metics named "Platform" which is followed by Amazon, Kingsumo, Gleam, Woobox, Rafflecopter, or Viralsweep. In order to view more detailed information about these sweepstakes platforms, you can visit:

9. Who won these sweepstakes?

In order to help you find more information related to sweeps, we update the contest winner list, of all sweepstakes and giveaways sponsored by and some of these held by third parties, as frequently as we can at winner list page:

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