Sweepstakes and Giveaways on Amazon

Amazon Giveaway Platform Introduction

Amazon Giveaway, a platform perfectly connecting sweepstakes hosts and the entrants, provides easy access to giveaway set up for the host, and user-friendly design for the entrant. As a service allowing anyone to achieve their marketing goals using promotional giveaways (e.g., sweepstakes), Amazon giveaway has been striving to and succeeded in guaranteeing that the sweepstakes will be run as described, prizes are real and will be delivered by Amazon, and participant's information will be protected. Entry is fun and simple with instant win or traditional sweepstakes while participants can save their time in getting entries. However, as the sweepstakes may end earlier than the expire while all prizes have been awarded, participants had better hurry up to enter. amazon-giveaways-1

My Experience with Sweepstakes on Amazon

Regarded as one of the best choices by the sponsors with the purpose of marketing, Amazon makes it possible for sweepstakes participants to find the very sweepstakes they are interested in according to prizes which are chosen from tens of millions of eligible items sold on amazon.com where there are plenty of popular categories like Books, Tech Accessories, Toys & Games, Home & Kitchen, etc. In order to enter Amazon Giveaways, participants should sign in with their Amazon accounts first. Then, they will enter Amazon Giveaways by finishing entry requirements like follow or watch a brief video. Once determined as winners instantly or by random drawing, the potential winners should respond within the time as required. Finally, the winners will receive prizes delivered directly by Amazon. With the use of Amazon Giveaway, people can enjoy the time entering the sweepstakes as:
  • There are plenty of sweepstakes where people can always find what they want and need to participate in.
  • The prizes of Amazon Giveaways are chosen from eligible items sold on amazon.com, with the exact retail value.
  • The entry requirements are easy to finish as people only need one Amazon account before entering the sweepstakes, and need to follow or watch a brief video to continue to entry.
  • Winner determination is clear while the sweepstakes determine winners instantly or by random drawing.
  • Participants need pay only time for entering while the sponsor has paid for the prize, sales tax, and shipping.
  • Participants can enter the Amazon Giveaway with confidence knowing that it will be run as described, prizes are real and will be delivered by Amazon, and their information will be protected.
  • The Amazon Giveaways cannot be changed, edited or canceled by the sponsor once Amazon registers the first participant of other than the host's account.
The only one kind of negative experiences during my use of Amazon Giveaway is that I failed to enter some instant win sweepstakes which ended earlier than the expire date when all prizes had been awarded.

FAQs of Entering Sweepstakes on Amazon

Q1: Who are eligible to enter Amazon Giveaways? Giveaways are only open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C., 18 or older. If the value of all prizes exceeds $500 then residents of Rhode Island cannot participate. Q2: What do I need do to participate? You will need to have one or create an Amazon account to enter. You may also need to have or create a Twitter account to enter. Q3: How do I enter a giveaway? When you find a link to enter a giveaway, simply click and follow the instructions on the page. You may be required to follow a Twitter account, Tweet a message, follow an Author, answer a poll, watch a video, or take some other action, and then either enter into a random drawing for a chance to win or tap the box to open and see instantly if you won.