Sweepstakes and Giveaways on Viralsweep

What Is Viralsweep?

Viralsweep is a kind of sweepstakes and contests platform for events, authors, gamers, content creators, e-commerce, marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs. As an all-in-one solution to grow email list, increase social engagement and collect user-generated content, Vitalsweep, is easy-to-use, fast and the most cost-effective way to set up a compliant, full-service promotion for its guests and users. And the Viralsweep team are sparing no effort to take responsibilities and are so very much helpful when working through custom requests. With the considerations of better sweepstakes and giveaways, Viralsweep has been dedicated to making them more accessible to entrants, which include:
  • Grow email list. Viralsweep collect all kinds of email addresses of entrants so that it can grow data and create more chances of winning.
  • Embed sweepstakes on any page. Entrants are able to experience sweepstakes with the use of any website or page as they want.
  • Real-time analytics. Viralsweep always analyze email list and social channels to see the possibility of spreading sweepstakes services.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways on Viralsweep

Comparing with other sweepstakes and giveaways platform, Viralsweep may be a little bit complicated for the necessary information of sweepstakes or contest, like expire date, rules and entry methods, is not obvious and conspicuous. And you may not know if there are other extra entries on your first sight. However, this necessary information is easily understood and complete once you notice and it is easy and simple to enter its activities with valid email and basic personal message. As for those multiple entries, you will get as long as entering this sweepstakes. When you are going to win a "Free Birthday Party & Cool Swag from LOL Kids Club", your eyes must be attracted with the detailed information of this prize. In addition, you may also know only 2 winners will be selected for this prize. After realizing these, what you mostly care about is enter and win this prize. Then, just provide your name, email address and phone, this sweepstakes can be finished. viralsweep-sweepstakes-2
After clicking the button below, you will get a surprise. Yes, that's right, bonus entries are right there, of which you're possible to take advantages. When all things are done, awaiting patient for the final result. viralsweep-sweepstakes-4

Tips of Using Viralsweep Platform

If you are new or not familiar with sweepstakes or giveaway on Viralseep platform, some tips towards it may be useful and helpful.
  • Firstly, remembering your personal information may help to save you time.
  • Second, watch out some messages on the page bottom. Viralsweep arranges winner number, expire date, rules and more on this sweepstakes page bottom where you may easily ignore.
  • Third, try each bonus entry as soon as possible to fulfill the big achievement of this sweepstakes and giveaway.
Since Viralsweep is a very right place to go when you get a chance for grand prize, try your luck and wisdom now!