Enter WalMart Canada In-Store Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes


CDN $1,000 Walmart Gift Card


It is quite convenient to shop in Walmart for daily necessities. If you shop at Canadian Walmart stores recently, you may find an invitation on your receipt to take the satisfaction survey. At the end of the survey, you can choose to enter a sweepstakes drawing for Walmart gift card.

Survey Prizes Wal-Mart gift card in the amount of CDN$1,000

You need to have the survey invitation on the top of your Walmart receipt. Then choose a language to enter the survey and answer the questions based on your recent visit experience. You can also enter the sweepstakes by mail.

How to Win WalMart Canada In-Store Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

  1. Click on "Go to Win" to take the sweepstakes
  2. Open only to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority
  3. You need to take the survey within 14 days after the Visit Date on the front of your receipt
  4. One entry per receipt
  5. You can read the sweepstakes rules and click on "Share on Facebook"

survey.walmart.ca - Enter WalMart Canada In-Store Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

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37 votes
2017-10-25 14:18:28
Rated 5.0 It’s a very interesting way to enter a sweepstakes draw!
2017-10-20 14:00:56
Rated 5.0 This is convienient and great to shop at the walmart stores!
2017-08-21 14:19:44
Rated 5.0 Fast service. Pleasant cashier. Stopped conversation with supervisor when I approached checkout. Very pleasant!
2017-07-30 00:13:38
Rated 4.5 I find the staff at the Orangeville Walmart extremely positive and helpful. I usually find what I'm looking for (and more!)
2017-07-29 04:53:47
Rated 4.5 Customer service is great. everyone was friendly and helpful. Only one problem. going out the checkout , boxes of product were stacked so that It was very difficult to get through. to the cash register. The cart was too big for aisle. corners were esp. bad. Anything larger could not have made it through.
2017-07-06 09:41:14
Rated 1.0 your question of (4x2)divided by (6/3)-5, iF YOU TAKE 4X2 =8 , divided by (6/3)=2 , then divide 8 divided by 2 =4, then -subtract 5 the answer is -1 but you say that is not the answer! I do not understand it I even had to check on the computer for what (6/3) was. in my day, divided by was shown as a dot above and below a dash.
2017-06-10 17:37:02
Rated 1.0 One of the cashier (from Walmart 3000 agincourt At 7 : 54 pm operator # 006071, Tel# 03 ) was very rude . I purchased can of drink (it was heavy) with other 6 items. On my way there were stack of baskets on the floor & it was bloking my way. I just pushed slowly on the side with my feet because I had things in my both hands. She was shouting in front of everyone that you shouldn't push the basket & she screamed at me to go around the next cashier to exit. It was embrased in front of everybody. There is no sign not to use the way that I used. Employees should clear all baskets when they see it,s blocking. Please communicate with your team to treat the customers respectfully. We are long time customers at agincourt location(20 years). It
2017-05-23 09:16:57
Rated 2.0 Sorry the store code was 3053 and not 3063
2017-05-23 09:13:46
Rated 2.0 I am writing this to make a complaint regarding repeated charging for one item. This happened not once but couple of times. Earlier occasions I have notified the cashier and got it voided.Today I was in a hurry to catch the bus and did not check.Store code is 3063 and the double charge was for blackberries.The time was around 10:45 on May 23, 2017..
2017-05-20 17:17:47
Rated 5.0 Our experience at Walmart is always pleasant. If you can't find your item at Walmart, you likely didn't need it.