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Video Game Raffle

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6 winners will get to pick ONE game from a bundle created by TechnoBeaver and PixelFlickr, picked with some of their favorite games, ranging from FPS shooters, to stealth action games, to indie titles.  The games are:
- Left 4 Dead 2

- Hitman: Absolution

- Day of Defeat: Source

- Enter the Gungeon

- Besiege

- Papers, Please

Again, each winner will only be allowed to select ONE game from this bundle.  Once that game is selected, other winners will not be allowed to pick that game.  Games will be delivered on Steam, and winners and details will be announced on Twitter.  Please keep your DMs OPEN to recieve information on how to receive your winnings!

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6 winners will be chosen, and announced every day starting January 31st and ending February 5th.  Each winner will receive one game of their choosing, as long as that game is still available and not claimed by other users.  We will announce winners on Twitter, at @SkyAnimationUSA and @PixelFlickr 

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