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WCDTs Labor Day

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There will be one winner per prize. Five prizes in total. You must join the WCDT's Labor Day Giveaway event on Facebook, and agree to rules stated in the pinned post in order to be considered a winner.

Questions? Email Jen at WCDT.BDSM@gmail.com (subject line: WCDT giveaway questions.)

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All prizes are subject to change, at any time. All items offered as prizes in the WCDT giveaway are donated by business' in exchange for advertising on varies WCDT social sites. WCDT and the members of the admin panel are not allowed to enter this contest, nor will they receive any form of monetary value. Prizes can not be exchanged for a different item, size or color, unless otherwise stated in the product's description. Normally the business' will mail the prizes to the CEO/Founder of WCDT. IF that is the case, ALL winners living OUTSIDE THE USA will have to pay for the shipping/handling. All terms and conditions must be met to enter, and winners must provide WCDT with an email address (and a mailing address/PO BOX) All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize (I will not announce winners on the page without the persons direct permission), outside of the US winners have another 48 hours to pay the correct amount in USD via PayPal, OR that winner forfeits that prize and WCDT will pick another random winner. All winners are random unless otherwise stated.

IF the business is the one mailing the prize they may require all winners to pay for shipping/handling. WCDT is not responsible for any prizes that are mailed out by anyone other than themselves. IF there is a problem with the prize WCDT will help you get in touch with the business, or forward messages to that business, we are not responsible for the prize, or if one is not sent to you.

IF you have a problem with the business, please mssg the page so I can then cancel the contract they have with WCDT.

Any questions please email me at: WCDT.BDSM@gmail.com

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
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