Enter LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes to Win $80/€60 LEGO Sets


$80/€60 LEGO Sets

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LEGO Group is world-famous as the manufacture of LEGO brand toys. For most parents and kids, LEGO toys represent happiness, imagination and creativity. If you have ever bought a LEGO toy for yourself or for your children, you should be encouraged to participate in the LEGO product feedback survey to share your views to help it improve its products in the future. And as a reward of your efforts, you can enter into a sweepstakes to win free LEGO products with an approximate value of $80/€60 after the survey. Wow, that's really a surprising prize. Don't miss the great chance.

Grand Prize  LEGO products with an approximate value of $80/€60

To get free LEGO products through the sweepstakes, participants should first take the LEGO product survey online. Prepare a receipt of LEGO and enter the 4 or 5 digit product code located on it to start the survey. Spend several minutes sharing your opinions and suggestions about the LEGO products you have bought through the survey questions. Then submit it. Upon completion of the online survey, you will automatically gain one entry to the sweepstakes.

How to Win LEGO Products Through LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

  1. Click on "Go to Win" to enter the sweepstakes
  2. The sweepstakes is open to all residents worldwide, but conducted in the US and ruled by US laws
  3. Employees of and other person connected with the LEGO Corporation are not eligible
  4. Potential winners will be selected each month, and will be contacted via email later
  5. You can refer to the sweepstakes rules and click "Share on Facebook" to promote the sweepstakes

www.lego.comproductfeedback - Enter LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

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For more information towards this sweepstakes, please visit http://www.medallia.com/sweepstakes/legoproducten-2/.

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191 votes
10 days ago
Rated 5.0 I have always loved Lego. Building Lego helps my body calm down and my brain only has to focus ion what I'm building. When I finished Gr 6, my mom and dad gave me no. 76076 as a well done present! I was so happy!
26 days ago
Rated 5.0 I am 7 years old The lego i received as my birthday present Is 75135 it was a littlle hard to build but my mom and dad help me I would love to win another set Thank you????
28 days ago
Rated 5.0 Hi,I'm 8 years old. My last lego was 41149 i love it!!!!! i have many of them ,but i ask mama more and more !!!!!!!!i would like to win and get big set!!!!!!!
2017-08-15 19:59:20
Rated 5.0 Good day! Hi lego, My daughter really love LEGO CREATOR 3 N 1 31060 Shes enjoy playing and shes very creative.She spend more time for playing lego and help develop creativeness and skills how to build. Thanks and bless you
2017-08-09 02:44:07
Rated 5.0 Hi,I'm 9 years old. I like the Creator 31057 set very much. It is very interesting and I think it is very suitable for the children that like science. It's also suitable for the elementary learners as it is not too complicated for them. I started playing Lego when I was four,so if I win a prize,I would like to have a difficult one. Thank you.
2017-08-06 03:34:34
Rated 5.0 It is very very interesting to built Lego sets. I have four Lego sets. It develops creativity and patients in kids. I love Lego sets.
2017-08-05 13:55:17
Rated 3.5 Hello. We stayed in Danmark for vacation and bought a LEGO Police car with Banking Automat (10809, age 2-5) for our Grand children in Switzerland. At home we realized that it was a policeman catching a bank rubber, he even wears a striped shirt! A 2 years old kid is too young for criminal acts. At the age of 5 it is ok. Right now only the pölice car is a fine toy. LEGO is fantastic as well for grandmothers and grandfathers!
2017-08-03 05:20:23
Rated 5.0 Hi Lego I am a 9 year old kid I just made Lego technic helicopter and a airplane it was very good and fun the quality is the best . It is the best toy in the whole world.
2017-08-03 05:12:36
Rated 5.0 Best Lego technic 2in1set
2017-07-28 19:04:14
Rated 5.0 hi Lego, i'm a 10 year old boy, i'am a collector of Legos. When i saw Lego mini figures or sale i was so happy when my dad bought that mini figure, i was really excited to go home and assemble that Lego when i opened it, I realized the parts of that mini figure easily breaks down so I think the Lego was fake. But when I really looked at the parts, I realized it was fake. And I compared the color of the parts to the original Legos. When I compared them,the color was so far from the original Legos,but the mini figure parts and the packaging says, LEGO.