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It is usually to offer or enjoy services but not that easy to improve services or products. While customers are such great roles who have the power to help service providers make improvements. If each customer could give a piece of precious and useful advice, it would not only be the merchants who benefit. That's why Aldi is looking forward to your opinions. Tell Aldi UK your shopping experience and how you feel about them, and you will have a chance to win vouchers from Aldi. For the Aldi Ireland survey, please visit www.tellaldi.ie.

Survey Prize £100 Aldi voucher

Visit Aldi survey page by following the instructions below and enter your survey code to start taking the survey. Follow the steps to complete the survey and provide your contact information to be entered into the sweepstakes. 

How to Win Tell Aldi Competition to Win a Voucher

  1. Click "Go to Win" to button on this page to visit the survey page
  2. You can enter the competition so long as you are a legal resident in the UK and are over 18 years old
  3. Each week each person or household can receive at most two entries and you are only eligible to win one prize in any 12 week period
  4. The name and country of each winner will be announced at www.tellALDI.co.uk within six weeks of the draw
  5. If you want your friends to know the the sweepstakes, just click "Share on Facebook" button to share it to your friends

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89 votes
2017-09-13 08:32:09
Rated 5.0 I do most of my shopping at Aldi so am very happy with the the.
2017-07-08 12:44:10
Rated 5.0 Been shopping at the Nantwich branch 2 or 3 times a week since it opened ..only ever had to return one item which was replaced immediately...Food always spot on and organically grown....
2017-05-06 06:45:25
Rated 2.5 I couldn't buy my newspaper this morning - "won't scan" said the check out assistant and removed from my shopping. What was that about? Also why this insistence that the trolley be turned around with the handle furthest away from where I am standing? As a disabled customer it makes things very difficult. It also makes my bag and purse left exposed.
2017-05-03 11:35:13
Rated 3.0 Spalding. 19.10 hrs. Wed Two tills and long queues, not good enough
2017-04-22 06:04:50
Rated 5.0 Just love Aldi there is nothing more to say
2017-03-30 07:07:08
Rated 4.5 Great Price's
2017-03-22 02:45:07
Rated 5.0 Brilliant service at aldi dungloe
2017-03-22 02:30:58
Rated 1.5 I shopped in Aldi Banbury yesterday. The only thing that was amazing about it was the downtrodden state it was in. The floor was old, cracked and dirty. The shelves were empty and cluttered with boxes. The bottom of the shelves had black skid marks along where trolleys had rubbed and obviously had never been cleaned. The previous week the store had been closed for refurbishment but nothing had altered. The rating of 1.5 is given as I cannot fault the prices. Pull your socks up Aldi before a brand new Lidle opens in the area and you will lose your custom.
2017-03-18 04:08:29
Rated 5.0 Brilliant service at pontefract branch always very helpful.
2017-03-15 10:14:25
Rated 4.0 very very good excellent service can find all items needed staff brilliant