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2017-04-28 18:55:51

FAST GIVEAWAY - winner picked in 48hr RT + Follow to enter ADD https://t.co/0C6XyBg92F to your... by #DinklDonkl https://t.co/p2ZZCxBF9l

Jay brewer

2017-04-23 21:46:34

35K SUBS KNIFE GIVEAWAY! (4 days) Follow me @CSGOHunt Retweet https://t.co/2F9l5GvCT3 by #DinklDonkl via @c0nvey

Jay brewer

2017-03-23 01:13:15

Flip Knife Tiger Tooth Giveaway! Click on the gleam link for multiple ways to... https://t.co/6dvNuIF3fA by #DinklDonkl via @c0nvey