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2017-07-10 02:05:17

This would truly be a blessing to win. I desperately need a new laptop. #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes

Kendall Deas

2017-07-10 01:48:46

Don't mind me. Just trying to win money for this camera ?? #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes

Geraldine Sanchez

2017-07-10 01:39:16

#ShopkickSummerSweepstakes I WOULD LOVE TO WIN ?❤️

Raquel Brown

2017-07-10 00:47:56

@Shopkick Hey @Shopkick! If I should win the #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes this is what I would buy with my $1000 Bes… https://t.co/ytVkfYd4BT


2017-07-09 23:50:03

@Shopkick My #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes list WHEN I win... ?


2017-07-09 22:42:54

An entertainment upgrade and a smart assistant would be great to win! #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes

Donna Lynn

2017-07-09 22:41:02

#ShopkickSummerSweepstakes My wish list is a new dishwasher and fridge! I've had the same ones for 21 year's. Thank you 4 the chance to win


2017-07-09 21:36:57

@Shopkick #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes I would really want to win this so I can buy a laptop for school and a tv for… https://t.co/ARUFd2XYId

Natasha Vasquez

2017-07-09 17:51:18

Hopefully I can win this cool stuff #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes

Sheila Baltimore

2017-07-09 12:00:12

My desired merchandise if I win a $1,000 BestBuy gift card? #ShopkickSummerSweepstakes