Sweepstakes and Giveaways about #thuyisoprah


❉❥ Elizabeth Thao ❥❉

2017-06-01 07:00:09

When @xThuyLe give a sneak peek of her next giveaway #thuyisoprah


2017-03-31 15:39:25

@xThuyLe when you want #thuyisoprah to retweet your tweet and pick you for her giveaway

Yajaira Darji

2017-03-31 15:04:15

When you tryin to be optimistic about @xThuyLe giveaway but you don't even see a retweet #thuyisoprah ??

Dawn Song

2017-03-31 14:49:55

@xThuyLe #thuyisoprah everyone waiting for the giveaway results

Dz Kz

2017-03-31 14:11:19

#thuyisoprah me waiting to win @xThuyLe giveaway

georgiana ilie

2017-03-31 14:07:55

@xThuyLe #thuyisoprah me trying to win this giveaway


2017-03-31 13:58:30

@xThuyLe #thuyisoprah looking in the twitter giveaway box...

Kirsten Rowland

2017-03-31 13:57:27

@xThuyLe throwin' shade to inferior giveaway boxes... "You ain't enough, you only weigh 4 lbs. MY PEOPLE NEED AT LEAST 20!" #thuyisoprah

nancy ?

2017-03-31 13:54:22

@xThuyLe when huong found out she was banned from the giveaway lmao saw her snap ?? #thuyisoprah

Maliha Zannat

2017-03-31 13:35:10

@xThuyLe #thuyisoprah If I don't win the giveaways from THUY BABYYYYY ?????????????❤??❤????