Sweepstakes and Giveaways about #VoteNoAHCA


Public Citizen

2017-05-06 20:05:01

.@RepLloydDoggett is right: #AHCA is a phony GOP giveaway to #BigPharma . Tell your senators: #VoteNoAHCA & help mak… https://t.co/EKKLQ8py7k


2017-05-04 18:02:12

#VoteNoAHCA @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/SzzLUlfV19 The great HairFuror giveaway 2himself&rich buddies continues.MAGA hatwearing rubes sol.

N. Baki

2017-05-04 17:32:11

#VoteNoAHCA Trumpcare is biggest wealth giveaway 2 the rich ever. It's an evil & a cruel plan. It isn't a health plan, It's a death plan.


2017-03-24 01:34:46

@washingtonpost B/c AHCA is a tax cut giveaway disguised as bad health care policy. #VoteNoAHCA