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2017-04-28 03:49:38

giveaway tweet for this ticket coming in a few minutes #EXOrDIUMinLA

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2017-04-11 21:00:37

exo lightstick goods giveaway will end at 12:00 AM PST on april 14 #EXOrDIUMinNA #EXOrDIUMinSG #EXOrDIUMinManila https://t.co/8uL8B7zYV1

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2017-04-06 21:00:18

i think i'm going to host a giveaway for lightstick ver 2 for those going to #EXOrDIUMinLA ?

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2017-04-02 08:08:51

join the GIVEAWAY below for handmade #exo lightstick goods!! https://t.co/8uL8B7zYV1